How “Crazy Rich Asians” Made Me Feel Powerful About Money

My feelings about money generally range from guilt for splurging to anxiety about not having enough. But last week, I confidently stepped into the box office and bought two tickets to “Crazy Rich Asians” – a romantic comedy starring a majority Asian cast. More surprising, the leading actors are both Asian: Constance Wu (“Fresh Off The Boat”) is Taiwanese-American and Henry Golding identifies as British-Malaysian. Despite the odds, “Crazy Rich Asians” was #1 at the box office, making $35 million in its opening weekend Aug. 15-19. This exceeded industry expectations of $25 million in sales according to CNN Money.  Why is this such a big deal? Why not save the money and wait to watch until it’s on Netflix? Because the movie industry needs to know its outlier choice to choose a diverse cast is worth it. Your opinion doesn’t matter to Hollywood if you solely watch movies on a streaming service.

How Financial Gym Helped Me Afford Living Solo

After five years with roommates in New York City, I was ready to take the plunge and move to a new apartment -- alone. As someone surviving but not thriving financially, only hearing one alarm each morning seemed like an unattainable dream. Working with Alicia Lazarto at the Financial Gym helped me realize that financial stability looks different for each person. I don’t have to make six figures in my career to live alone, I can do that now with some smart saving and lifestyle compromises.

Getting Financially Naked With 9 Strangers

Raise your hand if you know how much money your friends make. My hand would be down. I only know about half of my friends’ salaries – mostly because I’m cautious to share my own. I have one friend that I feel completely comfortable sharing financial information with.

The Art Of Travel Hacking: Not All Points Are Created Equal

Is it possible that having four credit cards can actually improve your credit score? Bridget Todd, COO and trainer at The Financial Gym, says yes!

All April, Financial Gym has been hosting a slew of events for Financial Literacy Month – right in time to plan all the summer vacations you’re dreaming of during this colder “spring” weather. On April 4, Bridget led the session “The Art Of Travel Hacking” and demonstrated that the ideal getaway doesn’t necessarily have to be a heavy lift on your expenses.